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Personal Commissions: 

As a Coco+Carmen Ambassador, you will receive a 20% commission on all qualified purchases generated through your own personal Ambassador referral link (Link). This commission structure was created to reward you first and foremost for your personal sales efforts as that is the core of our Ambassador program. 

 There is no monthly fee with this program. 

In order to remain an active Ambassador, you must have a minimum of one personal sale every six months. 

In order to be paid as an active Ambassador you must have an active PayPal account. 

Team Commissions: 

Coco+Carmen Ambassadors can build a team right from the start and earn additional commission from the downline structure*:

Team commissions can be earned up to 3 levels deep. Commissions are paid on the net sales, excluding shipping and taxes. If we refund an order you earned commission on, your commission will be reduced by the value of the commission paid on the original order. Actual commissions vary per Ambassador. 

 * You are eligible to earn downline team commission every month your personal Ambassador sales are $100 or more. If this requirement is not met, you do not lose your active status, you simply do not earn your team commission that month. Any unpaid team commissions do not rollover to the next month. You do continue to earn commission on sales through your own personal Ambassador referral link. 

 Other Commission Details: 

• Commission is paid to you once per month in United States Dollars via PayPal. Payments are processed within 5 days following the end of the Commission Month. There is a $25 minimum commission in order to be paid. If you have not reached $25, your earned commission will roll to the next pay month. Should you choose to leave the program, you will receive a final commission payout (if applicable) regardless of the balance.

• Coco+Carmen is not responsible for paying any third-party fees or taxes charged by PayPal in order to receive commission payments. Coco+Carmen is not responsible for any Commissions that are not received by you due to any suspension or termination of your PayPal account. 

• You will receive a commission in connection with qualifying sales. For a sale to generate a commission, the customer must follow a properly formatted referral link to the website (Website), purchase the product using our online system, and pay us in full. You will receive a commission on Net Sales for such customers. “Net Sales” is the amount received by us from the customer, that includes deductions for discounts or coupons, less the amount collected by us for taxes, duties, shipping, and handling. 

• To enable us to credit you with commissions, you must properly format the Link(s) to our Website. Proper formatting includes but is not limited to the use of the appropriate referral link. We will not be liable for your failure to properly format links to our specifications. 

• You are entitled to a commission only if the system tracks the customer from the time the customer clicks on a Link to our Website to the time of sale. We are not responsible or liable for a customer’s deletion of a required cookie, or to failures in tracking technology. You will receive a commission only if the customer purchases product from our Site within 30 days after clicking the Link.